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The 85

  • Where is the 100 Mile Course…have you looked at the profile! 🙂
  • Strava Course Link
  • 85 miles
  • Begins at 8:00 AM
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2019 will see a complete change to the Joe Martin Gran Fondo including the addition of two gravel grinder distances. First will be the date – May 4, 2019.  We are moving the event into May to give participants the full experience. This change will give all competitors complete access to have the courses, the start line and the finish line!  Stay tuned for full updates, courses and other exciting announcements.

Entry Fee Pricing & Schedule:

  • Entry fees include a cotton t-shirt, but there are options to choose no shirt (save $5) or upgrade fabrics for $10 during the registration process.
  • Pricing Schedule (85, 65 and 55 Mile Road & All Gravel Distances)
    • Dec 1 – Dec 31: $40
    • Jan 1 – March 31: $45
    • April 1 – April 28: $55
    • April 29 – May 2: $60
    • May 3 – May 4 at Midnight: $65
  • Pricing Schedule (25 Mile Distance)
    • Dec 1 – Dec 31: $25
    • Jan 1 – March 31: $30
    • April 1 – April 28: $35
    • April 29 – May 2: $40
    • May 3 – May 4 at Midnight: $45
  • Pricing Schedule (13 Mile Distance)
    • Dec 1 – Dec 31: $20
    • Jan 1 – March 31: $25
    • April 1 – April 28: $30
    • April 29 – May 2: $35
    • May 3 – May 4 at Midnight: $40

Ready to race? Head on over to the registration page using the button below.

What are you waiting for?

Registration Is Open! We have partnered with in order to provide you with an easy registration experience. Ready to race? Head on over to the registration page using the button below. We’ll see you there! bikereg-logo

Onsite Registration:

  • Friday, May 3 only during packet pickup
  • Located Friday night from 6-9pm at The Chancellor Hotel, 70 East Ave., Fayetteville, AR 72701


  • Friday 6pm – 9pm. The Chancellor Hotel.
  • Saturday 6:00 am – 7:30am. Walker Park, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

2019 Gran Fondo Jersey Design


2018 Gran Fondo Jersey Design

2017 Gran Fondo Jersey Design:



Please perform a thorough inspection of your equipment BEFORE event day. Mechanics will be at the start, but take your bicycle to your favorite shop for a tune up so you arrive at the Fondo start line with a functioning machine. The last thing you need is a bad wheel or your brakes to fail, turning you into a two-wheeled projectile. For your safety and the safety of everyone around you, check your gear and don’t forget your helmet. Mechanics will be on course to assist with basic roadside repairs; however, it is ultimately your responsibility. In other words…be prepared.

Centerline Rule

Although there will be some road closures, some intersection controls, and some police escorts, Fondo riders are responsible for staying RIGHT of the Yellow or Centerline. When we say ALL that also includes everyone! A Fondo bicycle rider is considered traffic. Parts of the routes will also encounter rural drivers. Parts of the routes will encounter vehicles at highway speed. So, be SMART! You are riding under “Rules of the Road”. Follow the strict centerline rule and ride to the right of the centerline at all times. Ride two-abreast. Act like your life depends on your own common sense – because it does!

Rules of the Road

“Rules of the Road” means you are subject to the traffic laws set forth by the state of Arkansas! You must stop at traffic lights and stop signs; ride single or double as allowed. Be smart and be safe!

Route Support Ends at 3:30pm

Make sure you pick your ride distance according to your realistic ability and your training pace the past few months. We can’t have you cycling into the night! To make sure everyone keeps pace we have necessary rerouting points and/or SAG points. A sweep vehicle driver will advise slower riders of their option to continue unsupported or SAG to the finish when route support ends. Riders opting to continue without support will relinquish their timing chip upon notice by the sweep.

Refund / Transfer / Event Cancellation Policies

  • No refunds will be given, but…
  • Participants who are unable to race will be allowed to rollover their entry to the following year or apply to another All Sports Productions’s owned event in the current year
  • Participants must contact the Race Director before the race to be eligible for a rollover
  • If the event is cancelled, rollovers do not apply and all participants will be transferred to the rescheduled date of the event
  • All Sports Productions in coordination with both local emergency personnel and race officials will make decisions based on safety first.
  • Courses and/or race segments may be altered as agreed to between All Sports Productions and officials.
  • If the event must be cancelled, then a participants’ registration will be transferred to the rescheduled event only. The rescheduled date may not be until the following year’s regularly scheduled date. The transfer is only good for the rescheduled event regardless if the athlete is able to attend.